Shooting Black !

26 Feb

Hi………This is the time for Manicure Tuesday !

This is a part of EasyNailDesigns Series for more designs search label/tag anbizeasynaildesigns.

To learn how I did this stay tuned 🙂

Design Name:- Shooting Black (coz this reminds me of a shooting star ! :D)

Technique :- First paint your nails with a base coat.

Apply black paint once base coat is dried.

Make fine line using a toothpick or a thin brush on the tips of each nail.

Use a toothpick to make a star like shape, and put a dot of blue color in center (as I am wearing blue I decided to put a blue dot, you may match your dress color :)..)

 Apply a top coat.That’s it! Don’t you think its easy and simple ! I added an accent to my thumbnail by putting glittering top coat .

  If you want to try it please share your pics and experience with me ON 

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Thankyou and Have a Great Day !


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