Easy Floral Nailart

26 Feb

Easy Floral Nailart



Easy nailart made with toothpick.


Red Ripples !

26 Feb

Hi , Pretty ladies,

This is Friday manicure tutorial for all of you.


I wanted to give a hand on water marbelling but since its not so easypeasy and creates a lot of mess, I decided to do it as an accent nail 🙂 It looked good so I am here with this design.

Hope u will like it :)…Please excuse for bad pic quality as my camera ran out of battery and i used my cellphone 😛


Design Name : Red Ripples.

Description: I did this water marbles art as accent nail-art on thumb and ring finger.


1) First use a white polish of your choice and apply two coates on all of your nails. Wrap your ring finger tip with a tape , leaving nail. This is done to reduce the clean up process.




2) Now take water at room temperature in a cup or disposable glass. Add drops of any red color and white color nail-paint into water alternatively. Use a nail-paint which is of good quality and spreads on the water surface. After you finished making bull’s eye take a toothpick and start making some pattern by dragging your nail paint from center to edges. When you are done choose a pattern which is most appealing and place your finger right on the top of the pattern and push the pattern with your nails into the cup. Keep your finger dipped while clean up the remaining nail polish using toothpick from another hand. Once cleaned take out your finger slowly.




3) So this is the pattern I got and as you can see it is all over my tape too. 😛 Now carefully remove the tape and see the design on your nail …COOL !!



4) Clean up all the excess nail polish using bud dipped in nail polish remover and apply your favorite top coat. I used this pretty sparking top coat.



5) And here is your finished manicure . Repeat all steps for thumb nail as well or if u want do this to all your nails 😀




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Thank-you and Have a Great Day !


Shooting Black !

26 Feb

Hi………This is the time for Manicure Tuesday !

This is a part of EasyNailDesigns Series for more designs search label/tag anbizeasynaildesigns.

To learn how I did this stay tuned 🙂

Design Name:- Shooting Black (coz this reminds me of a shooting star ! :D)

Technique :- First paint your nails with a base coat.

Apply black paint once base coat is dried.

Make fine line using a toothpick or a thin brush on the tips of each nail.

Use a toothpick to make a star like shape, and put a dot of blue color in center (as I am wearing blue I decided to put a blue dot, you may match your dress color :)..)

 Apply a top coat.That’s it! Don’t you think its easy and simple ! I added an accent to my thumbnail by putting glittering top coat .

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Thankyou and Have a Great Day !

Valentines Day Nailart !

26 Feb

I am Presenting Some Nailart I did during Valentine’s Season 🙂

I am opening my Blog with these Cute n Pretty Nail designs by Me ( LOL atleast I think they are cute ! )

Just let me know what u think of them and try them on your pretty nails. If u decide to recreate any of my designs just tag them with @AnbizNailart and Post them on my FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest or Googleplus, I will check you out (I am everywhere ! OMG).


So here are my Designs-


1) Design Name :- Pink Loves Black

Description :- I painted my Nails black then with help of a toothpick I made small white dots in slanting manner. Now with the help of dotting tool (home made), I made small pink heart in center and outlined with green nail-paint.





2) Design Name :- My heart loves Roses.

Description :- I decided to make bunch of roses on my thumb and ring finger nails , followed by three hearts on top. On other fingers I just painted a string of small hearts on tips. Roses are made by black nail-paint using a toothpick . After making the outline of roses I filled it with pink nail paint. Then made small green petals. 




3) Design Name: Hot n Pink

Description : Ok, Gals I know its not a design, but just wanted to share the idea that if you are not good at drawing then using right color combo can do the trick itself….so go ahead and paint your nails in hot pink and black 🙂





4) Design Name :- Little Hearts !

Description :- This is a variation of above , You can go ahead and make these cute hearts in a symmetrical manner vertically or diagonally. I used a toothpick again to make hearts :))






So this is all from me, I will be posting more here frequently so plz.follow me here and on my other SNS too ! Have a nice Day !